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What do past and current AOSFYC members say about their three-week experience?  Below is a sampling of their feedback about the Choir. 

"Being a part of the AOSFYC helped to shape the kind of person I am today. When I think back on those three weeks, I remember a group of people that came together with a common appreciation and love of music and left with friendships and bonds that last as long as music has and will. ..." (read the full quote)

"I was in the State Fair Choir in September 1964 and the First European Tour Choir Summer 1965, so below are separate comments on each. Fair Choir Experience: I came from a then-small school (Solon) with a graduating class of about 125.  Our school choir was good, but limited; church choir was all adults in those days; and there weren't a lot of other options for group singing in my area.  The week in Columbus ..." (read the full quote)
"AOSFYC was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I made so many real friends and had a wonderful time. I always heard alumni saying that you just have to experience it to understand and I didn't get it till I did it, it's true there's just something about the experience ..."(read the full quote)

"AOSFYC was the best part of my summer for two years! The singing and directing was magical and inspiring. Friendships made were strong and true. After I arrived home, I thought that I was seeing everyone from the choir at the mall and in restaurants, ..." (read the full quote)
"Before last summer, I was afraid all of the time. seriously-- I was afraid to be myself because I was afraid of losing the people I loved. now really, if they really were my friends I could be myself and keep them, but that didn't seem to sink in. when I got to fair, though, ...."(read the full quote)
"The All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir was the best experience of my life! I made so many new friends and made so many memories that i know i will never forget! I am so thankful i had this awesome opportunity. I encourage any teenager who enjoys to sing and have fun to apply. ..." (read the full quote)
"Pam and I met in the aosfyc back in 1973 - when we were both 16. she was from Cleveland and I was from Columbus. we stayed in touch - joining aosfyc on various alumni events - including the rose parade in 1975.  After graduation, she decided to attend school in Columbus. We became serious, and were married in 1979. ..."(read the full quote)

"All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir is one of the best experiences that any high school singer could possibly have. This group not only educates you further in music and vocal wellness, but it also helps you become a better person. Within the three weeks that you are at the fair, you become so close to the people around you that you don't want to go home when it's time to...." (read the full quote)
"My AOSFYC experience changed my life. I had the privilege of being a part of this great organization for two years, 2000/2001. I made friends that I will keep for a lifetime. At first, I was not sure how I would react to it, but once i got there, my view totally changed! Those 6 weeks were the BEST 6 weeks of my life! I would not trade that time for anything this world could offer me. ..." (read the full quote)
"The AOSFYC was the most amazing experience ever. I never imagined that it would be so much fun. I got to meet so many amazing people that i will never forget. The music we made is something that i am going to carry with me for the rest of my life. Just thinking about all of the people our music reached during the fair is enough to make the whole experience worthwhile. ..." (read the full quote)
"Being selected for the Choir was an honor that I still cherish to this day. It has been more than 20 years since I was in the Choir, but it has continued to reward me over and over. I am not a professional singer, but I am often asked to sing at sporting events and other special occasions due in part because ..." (read the full quote)
"Why was it good?  Besides the amazing community and excitement that singing generated, the self-confidence the AOSFYC helped me generate had an effect on the rest of my life, especially with the knowledge that I was capable of doing amazing things if I was willing to believe. Why was it a memorable experience? The people. Absolutely ..." (read the full quote)

"I applied for the AOSFYC because it was something new to do during the summer and because my choir director recommended that I apply.  I had never known anyone who had been in it, and I was pretty scared to go spend 3 weeks with total strangers, but after the first day I knew that I was just being stupid.  On the first day there,..."(read the full quote)

"During my two years with the AOSFYC, I grew stronger in voice, mind, body and spirit. Those experiences are some of the best I carry with me from my teenage years. Almost ten years later, I still find myself telling stories, singing my favorite choir songs and listening to the tapes that ..." (read the full quote)

"Being a member of the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir is an experience that I hold very close to my heart. It's an experience that I began with very open eyes, and really enjoyed the moment. It's an experience that will heighten your level of experience, and overwhelmingly teach you many valuable life lessons, such as ..." (read the full quote)


If you would like your quote to appear above and you are an alum, parent, or friend of the AOSFYC, please send an email to admin@aosfyc.com with your quote and we will post it here.  Whereas there is space limitation in the printed leaflets recruiting members of the AOSFYC, those limitations are absent here -- so feel free to elaborate!!


Additional questions about the AOSFYC?  Please post your question in our message board, under "AOSFYC Information -- For prospective members"


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