July 23

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July 23 - Porch Rehearsal, Watermelon

Sunday morning brought more heavy rain at times to the fairgrounds, but the schedule continued. The Scarlet Singers had their first rehearsal and more solo auditions were held during the morning rehearsal time. The usual 4-part rehearsals continued after lunch, and then the choir marched to the Cardinal Hall porch for an outdoor riser rehearsal in preparation for tomorrow's Statehouse performance. The performance will include eleven memorized pieces - quite a feat in our short time together! After the evening music rehearsal, the choir practiced parade marching out in the North parking lot near Crew Stadium, then returned to the dorms, where tasty watermelons were waiting.

Choristers of the Day

Soprano - LeeLynn Wood
Alto - Delaney Olson
Tenor - Liam Harper
Bass - Cody Kemper


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