July 28 - Pinkout Day

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July 28 - PINKOUT Day!

This morning, choir (and band) members received their pink hat to wear during our first of three "pink out" days. The Choir & Band have partnered with the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio (www.bcfohio.org) to raise awareness for this important cause. We will be wearing the ball caps Tuesday and Thursday of next week. There are also a limited number of hats available in the choir office at a cost of $20.

More pieces were added into the repertoire today as we prepare the the Celeste Center Concert on Sunday. The combined drumlines of the AOSFYC and AOSFB rehearsed together during the lunch break. The choir and band were called to perform a few pieces near the sky glide ride while there were many tv cameras covering the opening of the ride. Instead of performing at the Voinovich Lawn, the choir and band held a combined concert in Cardinal Hall. Both groups received standing ovations from the audience. Tomorrow is Alumni Day for the choir, and we look forward to seeing friends from previous years. For the full schedule, go to http://aosfyc.com/content/alumni-day-schedule.

Choristers of the Day

Soprano - Grace Shockey
Alto - Makaila Hunter
Tenor - Mason Hutson
​Bass - Dylan Clark

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